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E-Currencies HD-Money
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What is HD-Money?

HD-Money is an online payment system that allows users to transfer to and receive funds from other HD-Money users. It an also be used to safely store funds.

What are the differences between the two HD-Money balances, HDM and HDM-R?

Irrevocable payments
Low 1% fee, max $2.99 per transaction
To fund and Withdraw, you must use a third party exchanger
Numerous funding and withdrawal options
Credit card payments (coming soon!)
5% Transfer fee + $0.25
Dispute Resolution Service

How can I fund my HD-Money account?

The traditional HDM Balance can be funded only through a third party exchanger, many of which can be found on our merchant's list. If you wish to fund your HDM-R balance, we offer a variety of options, including

Bank Wire
Credit Card (Coming Soon!)
Western Union (Coming Soon!)

       How can I withdraw from my HD-Money account?

        You can withdraw funds from your HDM balance using a third party exchanger on our merchants list page.

        If you  wish  to  withdraw from your HDM-R balance, we offer a large variety of options, including

Bank Wire
Money Order
Direct Deposit (Canada Only)
Credit Card (Coming soon!)
Prepaid Visa Debit Card (Coming soon!)

How do I initiate a dispute?

If you have sent an HDM-R payment to an individual or a merchant, and would like to file a dispute, this can be done easily from within your account. Click on Dispute Resolution to access your dispute resolution center. In the drop down menu, select the payment you would like to dispute, and provide all relevant information. Note: The cost of filing a dispute is $5.


                                  HD-Money Fees And Advantages Table




-1 #1 George Witherson 2011-02-15 00:24
HD-Money is great. I use it with some of my favourite hyips. Unlike LR, they're not requesting documentation!

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